Platform Track

Streaming SQL

11:00am - 11:30am
Julian Hyde, Hortonworks


Streaming is necessary to handle data rates and latency, but SQL is unquestionably the lingua franca of data. Is it possible to combine SQL with streaming, and if so, what does the resulting language look like? Apache Calcite is extending SQL to include streaming, and Apache Apex is using Calcite to support streaming SQL. In this talk, Julian Hyde describes streaming SQL in detail and shows how you can use streaming SQL in your application. He also describes how Calciteā€™s planner optimizes queries for throughput and latency.

Julian Hyde
Hortonworks, Architect
Julian Hyde is an expert in query optimization, in-memory analytics, and streaming. He was the original developer of Apache Calcite and the Mondrian OLAP engine, and regularly contributes to a number of Apache projects. He is an architect at Hortonworks.
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